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Self Employed/ Bad Credit Mortgages

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If you are self employed, then it is getting harder to get a mortgage, have bad credit or live in rural area. A bank may turn you down, require a big down payment or charge higher interests rates, but our company can help to get the best deal for your particular situation. There are ways to get the help you need.

Poor Credit:If you have a mortgage, you can still get the money you need based on the equity on your home. Poor credit or bad credit may incur higher interests rates, but there is more of risk attached. Taking a debt- consolidation loan can help you improve your credit and help you get better interest rates in the future.

Work with mortgage broker:If you work with mortgage broker, you have access to large range of lenders who will take on different levels of risks. Our company can help you get the best deal for a particular situation. We will able to find financing that fits your needs.

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