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First Time Home Buyers in Mississauga and Hamilton

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GC Mortgage is leading Mortgage Company in Mississauga. Purchasing a home is very big commitment and your mortgage could be in the important decision that you will ever make. Our company will provide the proper knowledge and recommend you financing solutions to get your mortgage approved at the lowest rates.

We have the professional knowledge about mortgage market which will enable a speedy, stress free home buying experience for you. We assist the first time home buyer at every stage of the mortgage process:

Buying the home: Before buying home, make sure to include a condition day, give at least some time for finalizing the finance.
The pre- approval: Find out the mortgage amount and the interest rate you qualify for.
We will explain the all information in detail and all the paperwork will be done that the bank requires.

When you buy a home, your will first need money for down payment. Every down payment vary, but should make a down payment that equals at least 10% of the purchase price.

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